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Our SMALL HYDRO POWER PLANTS SECTOR is a national leader in clean electricity production from nineteen small hydroelectric power plants. The sector is 100% committed to renewable energy and protection of the environment.

The SHPP SECTOR meets the highest standards in terms of how it runs and develops its own business in several parts of Macedonia as well as how it maintains communication with the local community and wider society clients and partners. One of the sector’s main missions is to trigger change in the knowledge and consciousness about the way in which electricity is produced, through carrying out projects which offer clean and renewable energy sources, unlike projects which support the limited pollutants such as the fossil fuels.

The sector will remain committed to the launch and completion of new projects, thus continuously contributing to the establishment of a new set of priorities regarding the most suitable way of electricity production which is in compliance with the highest European and international standards. By consistently undertaking this important mission, our sector will demonstrate the implementation of economic parameters in the production management and overall activity in a sustainable manner.

Integrity is the foundation of our business. We will continuously work towards our stated development goals and ongoing commitments, established corporate values, and ethical, social and ecologically responsible business management.

Sustainability is reflected in our utmost dedication to the protection and advancement of the environment, as a foundation for the maintenance of a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship synthesis in all aspects of our business.