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About EMS

ENERGY MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS (EMS) offers hydro power plants maintenance programs which include specialized services as part of a responsive, planned, preventative and out-of-working-hours program. Thanks to our 24/7 operating Customer Service Centre all of our services are effective.

EMS offers valuable ideas which improve your results and save you money. We streamline your maintenance and reduce risks, thus allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our approach to hydro power plants efficient and safe management includes implementation of computer modeled maintenance programs, which decrease the number of repairs and current maintenance costs, and thus increase the hydro power plant’s service life.

The maintenance of hydro power plants is a complex operational, logistic, and technical process, which is significantly influenced by the location, transport, and communications. By deciding to carry out your own partial maintenance, you run the risk of dealing with resources and expertise you do not have access to. The EMS’ programmed management of small hydro power plants guarantees the proper fulfillment of all legal, technical as well as technological responsibilities, and at the same time it guarantees the safety of people on all locations. This type of management enables complete fulfillment of either annual or periodical maintenance obligations.

Our Team

We are committed to offering our clients highly trained and competent professional team members. We place great emphasis on the quality of the work and services we provide our customers with, regardless of the size or the nature of the project. You can always rely on our professional staff which is highly qualified, skilled and responsible.

Our Values

Unity. We provide integrated and sophisticated services which boost the effectiveness of our partners and clients’ assets.

Creativity. By treating our clients like partners, we enrich our knowledge and human resources centre, thus protecting your property for times to come.

Commitment.We are committed to satisfying our clients’ dynamic needs and creating sustainable solutions.