A Symbol
of Success


The company BRAKO was established in 1947 in Veles, R. Macedonia on 120,000 m2 surface. As a private company and part of the FERO INVEST group it operates since 2003. The main activity of this company is manufacturing of wire products, a program which makes our company recognizable on markets in the Balkans and Europe. In addition to wire products, BRAKO manufactures medical equipment and assistive devices, telecommunication infrastructure, freight trailers, conveyor belts, etc.

With the complete revitalization of the equipment and halls and the renewed machine park in 2003, the monthly production of wire products has increased trebly, from 400 to 1,200 tons. Such an increase is the result of the company’s vision of successful corporate management, as well as of the steady investments which have been made.

With production of 1,400 tons of wire products and 260 employees, at the beginning of 2005 BRAKO became a leader in the production of wire products in the country as well as in the wider region of South East Europe. Several months later, BRAKO opened its own production facility – workshop on the Danube pier in Panchevo, R. Serbia – BRAKO – FEROPRODUCT.

BRAKO’s products are sold on the markets in Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary and other countries on a daily basis. Wanting the company to develop in more areas and in accordance with the people’s needs, BRAKO has opened a petrol station in Veles, BRAKO PETROL, which added a new dimension to the work done in this field.

As a result of the products’ quality and assortment, BRAKO has become a well-known and well established brand on the market. The company has a clear vision of success and development, as well as of implementation of new modern technological and market trends in this industrial sector and wider area. BRAKO continuously improves its production by investing in new modern technologies, and by modernizing the existing managing system of the company, which has resulted in the expansion of the existing range of products and services in all spheres of the company’s working.

For more information, visit our official "BRAKO" web site www.brako.com.mk